Years ago, I was blessed to be asked to “develop" a photography curriculum for the Milpitas Unified School District in the South San Francisco Bay Area. So I began teaching Photography with Cinematography. And this led to a creation of films on local Master photographers. As Ansel Adams was already under contract with a larger company, I went on to film his colleagues.



"Today I am busy remastering the Contemporary Photographers Film Series

that resulted in that early project above."

( Morley Baer, Ruth Bernhard, David Cavagnaro, Steve Crouch, Al Weber)

to 1080 HD and adding in previously unpublished footage."



Oliver Gagliani was known for his distinct vision that imbues or permeates ordinary objects with a spiritual quality.
For Gagliani, abstractions and fragments of the whole reveal the underlying essence. --now in Production

"New in 2013 & 2014 - Upcoming American Master Series"

Introducing two “Companion Films” on the Creative Process for submission to PBS:

“RUTH BERNHARD loved life. She listened to her intuition while still obedient to the light. JOHN WIMBERLEY, a mystic, experiences all objects as a conscious form of Spirit. These two photographers were compelled to meet, expressing gratitude and appreciation. Their photographs are revelations of a universal connection. They are evidence of magic.”

RUTH BERNHARD (60 min.) ~1905 - 2006 ~ Explorer of form and light, the artist reveals her deeply personal vision which reaches beyond ordinary perception. Her images of nudes, still lifes and common objects are seen as a new vision where the ordinary became the extra-ordinary, with her placement of the light.

JOHN WIMBERLEY (60 min.) ~ 1945 - Present ~ Experiencing all objects as a conscious form of Spirit, the artist is a mystic on a spiritual path. He reveals his inner approach to photography, deeply personal yet universally philosophical. His evocative images define technique. They are evidence of magic.

OLIVER GAGLIANI (30 min.) ~ 1917 - 2002 ~ Confronting these objects through the medium of light, it is the artist who must directly accept them, not as he would like them to be, but as they are in themselves. And It is the measure of his success as to how deeply he is able to perceive the life which they have experienced.